IRMA embroidered Travel Kit 1


There's nothing quite as luxurious as preparing for take-off in style.

We created the safe IRMA Travel Kit for your holidays. The set includes an IRMA Face Mask, a padded IRMA Eye Mask and all in matching Pouch for hydration essentials, passport or your AirPods. 

Every item is made of high-quality natural fabric from the Maison Pierre Frey. The Pouches  are embroidered with the brands signature line art illustration. Manufactured by hand in Germany in colour matching design and detail to give you the most relaxing travel experience and a stylish look when taking a nap in your seat.

Bon voyage! 

All sets are unique and handmade with fabrics from Maison Pierre Frey. The Face and Eye Masks are lined with Egyptian cotton. 


Details & Care:

- one size

- elastic ribbon

- washable (like your scarf or shirt, 30°C)

- All masks are made-to-order, please allow 3 - 5 days production time 


How to take care of your Travel Set .
To get a clean and beautiful, long-lasting set, we recommend placing the face mask overnight (or for a few hours) in a bowl of warm water with some soap. Rinse the mask carefully and let it dry before ironing the mask. Masks with writing please iron on the back.

The same applies to the Eye Mask.


Please note: These are Face Coverings, not official medical grade masks! 

- No certification - not medically or otherwise tested
- No medical device and no personal protective equipment
- Mask offers no protection for the wearer
- Mask offers a certain protection function for third parties against larger droplets of the - wearer
- Only for everyday use

For hygienic reasons, the masks cannot be exchanged or returned!

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