Double face patched jacket


This unique two-in-one jacket can be worn from both sides.
It is made with four different fabrics, patched together from both sides.

A 100% Cotton wool in marine blue in the front, a 100% cotton water-resistant fabric from the back, a checked wide trim on the arm and for the belt and an inside lining in red 100% cotton wool.
The wide belt keeps the boxy shaped jacket in an elegant silhouette, yet it can be also worn without a belt open in the front.

Like this you have two different jackets in one. A red and a blue one with a water-resistant back which is perfect when riding the bike and it rains.
The cuffs are showing the checked wool fabric which is repeated also in the belt.
The jacket has two pockets on the side.

A perfect jacket for fall, wearable in many ways, belted or not and the belt is soft enough to also wear as a scarf or bow around the neck.

All our items are part of our sustainability program, and made-to-order pieces. Please allow a slightly longer shipping time.

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