1970 IRMA Vintage Persian lamb fur coat Collection

This 1970s vintage Persian lamb fur coat in an ink black colour comes with a yellow Rickrack trimm that gives this 1970s piece a modern lift.
We love the idea of taking what is already there and making it new by embellishing it with something contemporary.

The coat has a midi length and a 3/4 arm length . It is slightly fitted in the waist and lined with the original fabric and lable of fabrication, made in Germany, Munich.
This vintage coat is perfect to wear over dresses , even in spring , or add long gloves and a turtleneck jumper to some flannel pants in winter.

Although it is real fur we have no bad feelings because we are reusing something that has been created already in the past.

In our opinion much better than polluting and creating more fashion waste by using fake fur.

Size: 36 European
Arm length: 55 cm, 3/4 length
Length of the coat (back): 107 cm
Lining: Black and red silk and embroidered, with original label
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