Mille Fleurs mocca Shirt

This 100% cotton mousseline fine fabric makes this milles fleurs blouse super comfortable,
yet an elegant piece.
The long, opulent puff sleeve, that narrows further down is embellished with five vintage pearl buttons around the cuffs to create a very slim and elegant silhouette.
The mocca cotton stand-up collar give this blouse a unisex touch yet with a feminine appeal through the puff sleeve and matching cuffs.

The brown petits fleurs pattern matches almost every skin type and is easy to wear to denim, corduroy pants or any flared skirts. The matching vintage pearl buttons in a champagne tone replace almost any jewellery and let this blouse become a one-of-a-kind piece.

Measurements Size S:
Shoulder width/ back: 112 cm
Length in the back: 83 cm

Material 100% Cotton mousseline
Made in our manufacture in Germany

Care instructions
Take care on delicate wash, 30 degrees and iron with care.

All our items are part of our sustainability program, and made-to-order pieces. Please allow a slightly longer shipping time.

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